Pasture Poultry - All Natural Honey

About Pasture Poultry

Pastured poultry is a sustainable agriculture technique that calls for the raising of laying chickens, meat chickens (broilers), and/or turkeys on pasture, as opposed to indoor confinement. It is environmentally sustainable, fresh, lean and bursting with flavor and juices. It is superior in nutritional content than the meat from animals raised in confinement and fed only grain. We have the same philosophy for all of our animals: fresh air, sunshine, and pasture, pasture, and more pasture.

How We Raise Them

The first two weeks of life are spent in a brooder that is warmed by a heat lamp. At two weeks old, after their feathers come in, we move the birds out to pasture. The chickens have constant access to fresh air and sunlight, green grass, bugs, and fresh water. Besides the natural food outside, they are supplemented with a non GMO, all-natural, grain. They have access to shelter if needed for inclimate weather or heat, but usually prefer roaming the grass during the day.
  The chicks grow to an average dressed weight of 3-4 pounds. Each bird is processed humanely at a licensed facility. The meat has a more rich flavor than conventionally raised chickens due to their diverse diet of grass and bugs. Because the birds are exercising the muscles on pasture, the meat has more firm consistency as well as a more dense texture to it than those raised in confinement.

All Natural Honey

   We offer a variety of great tasting pure all natural honey products. Pure honey is honey that has been gently warmed and put through a fine mesh to remove any large particles or pieces of beeswax, unlike raw honey which hasn't. We do not use harsh chemical treatments on our bee colonies; instead, we rely on sustainable selection practices to keep them healthy. We also harvest only honey that the bees produce in excess of what they need to stay healthy and well fed.
   Wildflower honey is the main honey produced here in central Ohio. The flavor and color of our honey changes throughout the beekeeping season due to the different floral sources, including dandelion, fruit bloom, black locust (acacia), clover, alfalfa and many others. It is exciting to see nature's unique blend of flavors everytime we extract honey. We hope you enjoy eating this unique pure Ohio honey as much as we enjoy working the bees that produce it!